about us

Main business forging and machining operation.Main business: forging and machining operation. The main equipment include 630-ton, 1600-ton, 2500-ton and 8000-ton friction screw press. Supporting equipment include 5-ton electricity liquid hammer, 3-ton electricity liquid hammer, 1000-ton, 500-ton oil press, 1000-ton electric screw, 260-ton electric screw and other equipment.

Established in 2015
Floor area 19800㎡
10 professionals

Industry solutions

Possess professional heat treatment supporting service, provide customers with various forgings and wear-resistant materials

Shunqijin is committed to machinery forgings and machining operation

We strictly control multiple processes with complete processing technology and no cheating on workmanship and materials, provide you with excellent products and thoughtful services.

Service system

With excellent technology and advanced technological level, Shunqijin Machinery shall follow the quality policy of being responsible for each process and responsible for each user, and shall serve our users wholeheartedly.

Industry Trends

Here, you can timely know Shunqijin Company news and industry information

2018 06-06

Improvement of forgings stee...

Many factors are considered in the alloying design of steel for toughness improvement. As an in......

2018 06-06

Processing technology of axi...

Function: to support the transmission parts (gear, pulley, etc.), transmission torque, acceptan......

2018 06-06

Effect of forging on metal s...

In forging production, in addition to ensuring the shape and size required for forgings, it als......

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